Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bring out your dead!

Well, not really, but at least consider bringing back a dead blog.

When I started this blog, I didn't really think that others were blogging about Columbia or suburban life for that matter.  Boy was I wrong, within a couple of days I found a treasure trove of useful Columbia blogs.  I even stumbled upon the Embrace Hostility In Howard County blog.  I was excited and dejected when I found this blog, only because I was planning on blogging about the silly Choose Civility bumper magnets found in Howard County.  Then I found that the blog was closing shop and changing to Columbia Now.

I would like to plead and beg for the writer of the Embrace Hostility In Howard County blog to start it back up again.  We need some power, some force to fight all the "Choose Civility" individuals out there.  Bringing back this blog would really be the Civil thing to do.

If you choose not to bring it back, that's fine too.  I plan on incorporating some means to fight the power of Civility in future blog post.

Peace out Civility!!!

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